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“The only wise way of upbringing is to influence by one’s own good example, and – if there’s no other way – by a deterrent example.

Love is a better teacher than duty.”

Albert Einstein

“From the age of three children begin to tell lies. Ineptly at the beginning… The awful habit accelerates inconceivably. At the age of four a child tells lies every two hours, at the age of six – every 90 minutes. As the social experience and vocabulary range of a child widen, lies become more sophisticated, more common and harder to detect.”

John Medina, neuroscientist, father, the author of the worldwide bestsellers Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Babies

“Parents are like a bow, kids are like an arrow. One needs to put much effort to aim them in the best direction. We teach them self-confidence. I’m sure that nothing fueled my career success as much as my commitment to family did.”

Jamie Foxx, actor, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor, Grammy Award-winning musician and famous comedian

“Our children need to have a sense of their own abilities. We want to keep a balance where they have the freedom of choice but at the same time not to shower them with lots of money so they could go out and do nothing. My wife and I call this attitude the anti-Paris Hilton approach. Most of our money goes to our charitable family foundation. We want our children to have a sense that their own work is meaningful.”

Bill Gates, business leader, philanthropist, father of three children, one of the richest people in the world

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  • WAKE UP!!!
    6:31 a.m. - exactly one minute after the door to the kindergarten is unlocked, a woman comes rushing in, out of breath, with a little girl in tow. She smiles and immediately starts urging her daughter to take off her coat in the locker room. In the morning rush she
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  • Why do we need RULES?
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About love, teaching and the art of motivating kids to act.

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In order to learn how to deal with challenges posed by adulthood, children should undergo training in independence, perseverance, and overcoming difficulties. It is a long-term process, but if begun appropriately early and carried out slowly, and by carefully matching the subsequent challenges to the abilities of the child, it will be simpler than it seemed initially. It will also be helpful to understand how children learn new behaviours.


A modern kind of motivational board and a source of knowledge in the field of parental competence.

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  • Adam and I are both very busy. At first, even the idea of setting all these tasks for Boris, then going through his results, seemed daunting to the both of us. Now, with time, I can see that using the application for 10 minutes a day has helped us to save hours in the long run, which otherwise, we would have had to spend explaining and arguing about things, causing unnecessary stress.

    Irmina, mom of Boris (5)

  • We like the option that allows both parents to use the application at the same time. Because of my profession I’m away a lot. Thanks to GreatKiddo I can stay in constant touch with my family, and the star alerts allow me to see what has happened during the day. When their mom is rewarding them with prizes, there is nothing better than being able to see it as it is happening, on a regular basis.

    Peter, father of Casper (11) and Philip (6)

  • We saw an improvement in behaviour after just few weeks of using GreatKiddo. Marysia is better behaved, doesn’t squabble with her younger sister, she gets dressed on her own and now brushes her teeth without being told to, and our cat, Tofik, gets fresh food daily. I don’t feel guilty when I let her play with my iPhone for half an hour a day as we both know she deserves it.

    Ola, mother of Marysia (4) and Zosia (1.5)

  • I heard about GreatKiddo from a friend. My husband and I, have already tried different methods of discipline at home. When things would get out of hand, we would stick a sheet of paper on the fridge and draw a happy or sad face accordingly. When children’s behaviour improved we would forget all about the sheets of paper on the fridge. We didn’t know how to reward good behaviour so our motivation as well as our children’s wasn’t always high. Now, with GreatKiddo, we work systematically and we can see the effects. The kids know what they are expected to do, they try harder and we are all much more relaxed.

    Marta, mother of Simon (10) and Natalie (3)

  • I found it very frustrating that Olivia kept demanding more and more things. Dad, can I get a Barbie? Dad, can you buy me a My Little Pony? Dad, I want some gummy bears! And so on and on. Now that we use GreatKiddo, Olivia knows that it’s better to save up her stars for a bigger prize, like a trip to Harry Potter World near London, for 2300 stars, than to spend them on smaller, more mundane prizes.

    Paweł, father of Olivia (8)


Rewarding someone for a perfectly performed task is not bribery. We all like to be recognized and receive „awards” for our work and involvement in the performed task. In the adult world “stars” can be compared to: acknowledgement in the eyes of our boss and colleagues, written and oral praises, diplomas, distinctions, which in consequence become components of the “main prize”, for which we work for throughout the entire year, e.g. an additional bonus received at the end of the year or pay raise or the “employee of the year” title.

Stars are exactly that kind of gratification for a child, which they can receive for the completed task, for keeping their word, for involvement and willingness they put into performing work. An additional function of the stars is their motivational and educational aspect – stars teach children patience and a systematic pursue of goals, responsibility for the undertaken decisions and anticipation of their consequences. In the world of GreatKiddo stars are not the goal in itself but are only a „tool” to reach it, similarly in the world of adults money is only a tool, facilitating the achievement of the aim.

Tasks are adjusted to your age and capabilities. We have prepared a list of tasks for you and your sister, which help you acquire and develop new skills and improve the ones you have already mastered. Your sister is younger than you and is not able to do many tasks as well as you do them, therefore she has a different set of tasks. Something that is difficult for your sister will be a piece of cake for you, because you are older and you are able to do many more things than she can.
Stars will best fulfill their motivational function and shall encourage the child’s most desirable behavior, it would be more appropriate to give them as soon it is possible, directly after the task has been done by the child. It would be good if the awarding of stars was also accompanied by a spoken appraisal e.g. „I see you have devoted a lot of time doing your homework and you have done great. I am very proud of you and I am most happy to award you with 10 stars”.
GreatKiddo is a family application, the main aim of which is to enhance positive relations within the family through shared enjoyment. If you have the opportunity to do this, reward your kid/kids with stars together. For all of your children this will be a clear-cut signal that you both see the childrens’ successes and achievements, progress and you are both involved in the further encouragement and support on their way to achieving success.
It depends. On the one hand, such an inconsistent attitude may be a trap in which we get caught by our own doing. If we have already agreed with the child a specified number of stars for a particular chore/ task etc. then we should consequently observe the established rules. If we change the rules for the first time, then we will change them for the second and third time and so on, meaning at one point the entire system will turn out to be flawed and pointless. On the other hand, if this is a task, in which the child was exceptionally involved and, for example, despite the failures continued to attempt and strived to complete the task, then we can inform the child that we are impressed by their efforts and involvement in the completion of the task and that we appreciate their attitude and we are very proud of them and we have this special reward that for this one task they will receive additional stars e.g. An extra 2 stars.
Of course, always when it is possible award the stars in the presence of the child and praise them for their work and involvement in the completion of the task. Acknowledge their efforts and congratulate them on their success. If you are not able to do it straight after the completion of the task by the child, wait with giving the reward until the evening and then together with the child celebrate their success.
Show your child your appreciation and acknowledgment of their success. Praise them that they have managed, thanks to their being systematic and consistent in their efforts and involvement, to reach the goal, If on their way to the success any problems occurred, underline the child’s determination and the fact that they did not give up and resign. Celebrate the award together with the child.
No. If your child behaves inadequately to the situation or for any other reason refuses to perform what you ask of them, instruct them to complete another task, first of all, ask them what is the reason for their impolite attitude, this might only be a brief moment of your child sulking, which will pass after you have a conversation and everything will get back to normal after that. However, if your intervention does not bring the desired effect and your child still opposes, do not take the stars they have already collected but make it clear to them that as a consequence of their behavior they will not receive any stars on that day.
If this kind of situation occurs it is best to answer with the truth – that parents don’t collect stars, they only help the children to get them. Whether your child will have the possibility to evaluate you, to a large extent depends on you and your relations with your child, the child’s age. If you decide that you want to be evaluated, remember that this, as every decision, carries along some consequences. Before allowing the child to evaluate you, consider what the outcome might be that goes with it, and whether the child is cognitively and motionally ready to provide an objective opinion about you, and if you are ready to humbly accept their judgements and evaluations?
All of the arrangements, including the negotiations on the prizes and number of stars that should be collected to achieve the prize should take place at the very beginning of the adventure with the GK application. This is the time, when you together set “the rules”, which should be kept to through, for example, the first 3 months of using the application, and which after this time shall be subject to reflection and possible modification, then it will be another good occasion for possible negotiations. Remember that the application is first of all for the kids and it’s them who receive stars for the completed tasks, therefore they also have the right to give their comments and decide upon the way in which and for what they will be rewarded.
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